About time for a post

I have a hard time coming up with things to post on here... but I figured I have some time right now and I might as well get something up.

Now the great quest to find something worthwhile to post about...

I guess I should just report on what we're up to right now. We moved! Sort of. The kids and I are in Idaho for a month and a half. It's been good, and hard. Very, very hard. We don't like being away from daddy. Not. one. bit.

So, why are we here for so long without Scott? I was planning on coming up the end of July to hit my family reunion and Scott would follow on the 14th of August after the class he's teaching for Texas A&M was over. Then a few things changed. I learned that my 95 year-old grandpa was sick. I wanted to see him before he passed away. Scott and I talked it over and decided we'd play things by ear and keep up on his health situation. Then we received a call that Scott's grandfather had passed away. He had been sick for a long time and was happy to move on. We determined the most cost effective way to make things work would be to drive up as a family to attend the funeral. The Scott would fly home to Texas (had to teach that class) then return mid August to spend some time with family then drive home with us. Great idea! Right?!?

It was a good idea, and I still think it has been our best option, but boy oh boy has it been hard. You see, we failed to recognize that we would be apart for 45 days! The longest we have ever been apart up til now has been two weeks. We hated it! We both swore we would never do that again... and yet, here I am, lamenting the fact that my sweet husband is miles and miles away.

We've called every day. Had scriptures and prayers together. Facetimed for hours (the kids love this). But still, I feel like half a person. I feel debilitated by some unseen source. And even as I sit here and complain, I know that there are so many people who have been separated for MUCH longer. And they have made this sacrifices while bringing new babies into the world and other life changing events.

I guess I've gained a new found respect for those who have been apart for military reasons, or even the early saints to left their families to serve missions. I'm just thankful we only have a month left. So, so thankful.

And there you have it... the things going on in my life. :)


Steph Thomas said...

I always love reading posts. I would love to hear about everything, how your calling is going, how the ward is doing, how swim team went, is it still going on? were both boys on the team? What are the kids up to? What are you doing up there in Idaho.....
Idaho isn't big go visit Candace Kleinecke:)
I know how you guys hate to be apart. I remember you saying we will never do that again and Chris and I say that each time we are away and yet things come up and we have to do it again and again.
Again, I love reading each and every post, important or not to you, it is all important to me.

Paula said...

Being apart is never easy! Thank you for putting into words that strange feeling of not quite whole. Our family was separated this PSR summer while our house was bring built for two and a half months? You'd think I knew the hoyrs and seconds but it seems like such a blur now. I had rte two babes and the dog and Bryan had the three older boys. They lived in our camper without electricity or water for nearly that whole time. While we stated quite comfortable, clean, and well fed in CT with my parents. I know they had a harder time but we all struggled missing each other. It. Was. Hard!! But you do what you have to. Family and friend support is awesome, as is the more important power of prayer. In the end we appreciated each other (and hot water) so much more and we are that much stronger because of our struggles. There's always a silver lining!