About the bikes

For a long time I have dreamed of owning one of these Bakfiets bikes...
The problem is, they cost about $3500 to get one of these babies. You read that right! $3500! I want to ride  bikes more as a means of transportation, but I'm not sure I can ride enough to justify spending almost as much on a bike as I did my minivan.

I worked on some ideas. How about I make my own. I looked into some different things others have done to build their own homemade Bakfiets. You take a kids bike, and adult bike, chop each in half, and then weld them together with a little extra metal in between.

I liked it, and thought I might try it out. I had some concerns about how well it would work, if the steering would be reliable, how much time and energy it would take to build something usable... Then Scott showed me this bad boy.

It's called an Xtracycle Hooptie. You can actually fit three kids behind you as you ride, one of which can be an infant bike seat. And some groceries too! One of the best benefits is that it rides like a bike, instead of driving like boat (referring to the Bakfiets).

But wait, there's more!!! It's not NEARLY as expensive. It is a third of the price of the Bakfiets!

Here's a video so you get the full experience...

I should also mention that this lady is my inspiration. Here's an article about her.


Sara G said...

Freaking awesome my friend...I think I need to get one of these someday soon. Freaking inspiring!

Steph Thomas said...

You are definitely one I could see doing this. Forget the minivan:)That is definitely impressive that she has done that. It is not like they can't afford one, holy cow, talk about really liking to do something.