Right here. Right now.

Sometimes as the wife of a graduate student, I get a little bogged down with the life I’m excited to live after graduation that I forget to recolonize how great life is right here, right now. I tend to focus on living on a low income, making do as a family of five in a two bedroom condo, and the hardship of missing time with family. Today I had a moment of clarity while playing tennis with an 87 year old woman from Israel. She mentioned, “Oh, the sounds of the birds are so lovely.”

So, I took a moment to listen to the sounds of the birds, and then I started to see just how great my life is right now. It isn't exactly what I think I want forever, but it is so so good. Here are a few things I love about my life. Right here. Right now.

-   Playing tennis with my local women’s tennis league
-   Taking voice lessons from my amazingly talented friend, Jen
-   Biking with my friends Kristin and Keri
-   Basketball at 6 am (when I wake up) with Br. McConnell and company
-   Home schooling my children
-   Amazing friends
-   Park day, every day!
-   A clean and comfortable home
-   Healthy food
-   Healthy children
-   My perfect partner in crime, my dear husband
-   Learning to play the ukulele
-   Learning to play the mandolin
-   Writing club
-   Book club
-   Camping
-   Backpacking
-   Horses to use whenever I want to ride (thanks to Rebecca Durda)
-   Tucking in sweet sleeping children
-   Breakfast as a family complete with prayer and scriptures
-   Swim team for my boys
-   Working with the Young Women
-   Dates with my sweetheart
-   My growing plants
-   Sunny days

So next time I start lamenting the fact that Scott is a grad student, and I dream of my future, I plan to focus on the now. I love the now. I will never be here living this life again, and you better believe I’m going to enjoy it.


Steph Thomas said...

YAY!!! A POST!!! I often thought about what it would be like after graduate school and then when we were after graduate school I realized that I liked having that dream of what was happening next rather then actually being there and seeing the reality of not having a job. Scott is in a good field I am sure that won't happen to you but it is fun to dream to. I still dream and we are not in graduate school anymore:) Enjoy Bryan 1st as much as possible because I think that is one of the best parts of graduate school. To be around so many people that are in the same boat and enjoying that friendship. What a great post!! I look forward to more:) (hint, hint:)

Steph Thomas said...

I would LOVE to hear about your voice lessons. I didn't know you were doing that. I want to hear more about it!!!

Allison said...

Agreed! I had a moment the other day when the girls were at school and Isaac was asleep. I walked down to the basement, doing some mundane job like laundry, and found two little dolls sitting on a chair with a blanket on their lap. I totally stopped in my tracks and smiled at that sweet little scene, reminded of how happy I am for this stage of my life and having sweet little girls.

I also loved that "grad school" phase of my life too. I took it for granted that most of my friends were in the same situation as me: poor (haha, that's the first thing that comes to mind!), busy husbands, crazy schedules stressed out, uncertain futures, etc. And somehow going through it together made it so special. I loved living in Bryan too for nearly all the same reasons. It was such a special time. Thanks for the great reminder :)