A year later...

About a year ago, I posted  here about how were starting homeschool the following day. At that point, I didn't have a clue what to expect or how things would go. I was just acting on faith, that I had received an answer to prayer, that this was a good option for us.

I guess it's fair to say that we've settled in. We've been doing this now for over a year, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I think I can confidently say that we homeschool. For a long time, I just felt like a poser. I didn't want to give myself a label that I wasn't sure I could hold for longer than a few days.

Last year was a great time of transition for us. Many people may not realize it, but the decision to homeschool isn't just an educational decision. It's a lifestyle decision. Everything about the way you live your day to day life changes. Some of those changes come naturally, and some, not so much. With homeschool, my kids are involved in just about every aspect of my day, although I do insist on some alone time while I'm in the restroom.

My kids take part in everything I do, and at times it's hard to let them in. I can get a little possessive about my kitchen when I'm cooking, and there has been a big switch for me to let my children "help" me cook and bake. I have to give up a on some of my OCD tendencies to allow my children to grow through experiential learning. It's the same with doing laundry. I like my things folded and put away a certain way (just ask Scott), and I've learned new ways to fold. In fact, Jeff has developed a steam-roll method for folding shirts. I never would have thought of that one. My day to day tasks are not only mine anymore, they are a method for teaching.

I'm sure many are thinking, wait, where's the spelling tests? What about the worksheets? What are you actually doing to teach your kids?!? Last year I would often have people ask me, "So, how many hours a day do you teach your kids?" The sassy reply would be, EVERY hour of the day! But I don't think that's the answer they wanted. I think what they are really asking is, how many hours are you sitting down with your kids to do "school".

The answer to that question is for another blog post. Until next time...


Steph Thomas said...

YAY!! I post!!! I love reading your posts!!! Keep them up!!!!
My sister started some of her eight kids (3 out of the 7 that are school aged) in doing cyber school. They really like it. I think I "might" be able to do cyber school but I tried just preschool with Allison and it didn't work so well. I get too frustrated with my kids. I have really enjoyed my alone time during the day and I just have to say today, ALL of my carpets are vacuumed, laundry washed, folded, and put away, ironing done and toilets clean. Now to go get the kids so they can mess up my really clean house:) Good job!

Jill said...

I wasjust reflecting tonight that homeschooling is just really teaching your kids every hour of the day. And it is hard! but so rewarding, and mostof the time I feel lost in every thing. maybe tomorrow I will win the laundry battle,but it may still be in the same spot when I go to sleep tomorrow.