Minimizing in St. Louis

This post is not intended as a spin off of  "Sleepless in Seattle". Actually it's about our summer plans. We're moving out of our condo and headed up to St. Louis for a summer internship. Scott will be working in an industry job, and looks forward to seeing how he likes it. We are still not sure if he will look for an academic job or an industry job when he graduates. We hope this summer will help us know which direction to go.

It's sort of a big move, even if we aren't going too far for too long. Anytime a family of six decides to move, it's an adventure. After a LONG time looking we finally found a place to live for the summer. We are excited to experience a new city, but I'm also sad to leave our home here. This is my home, where I everybody knows my name... I feel like breaking into the "Cheers" theme song now. Anyway, I'm glad that after 12 weeks we'll be able to come back. :)

So how does a family of six relocate for 12 weeks? We've decided to do things a with a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking. Our goal is to move in JUST our minivan. We sort of have this fascination with a minimalist lifestyle, and we live pretty minimally right now, but we think we can do even better.

So, we've written up a detailed list, by room, of everything we'll be talking. I don't want to bore with you all of our lists, but here's an example.

Kids' room:
-sleeping bags
-one special blanket each
-one special stuffed animal each
-one Tupperware of toys
-six outfits play clothes each
-one church outfit each
- flip flops, church shoes, tennis shoes each
- two pairs of socks each
-swimsuit each

Our shortest list so far is for the dining room. It's probably the list that will make the biggest difference in our day to day living. It's probably also the list that I'm the most excited/nervous about. Want to see it?

Dining room:
picnic blanket

...And, that's it! Well, you didn't expect us to be able to fit a table in chairs in our minivan, right? So this gives you an idea of how minimal we are planning on being this summer. I'm actually really excited about it. It's sort of to save money, but mostly its about simplifying our move. It turns out the less you have the more simple things are. Who knew!?!

So, we'll see how it goes!

Cheers! (no pun intended)


Jenna said...

I love it!! We have a fascination with the minimalist lifestyle as well. You wouldn't guess it by looking at our house right NOW, but we're moving that direction. ;) I'm excited for you! I hope you have a fabulous summer full of MEMORIES, since it won't be full of anything else! :)

Paula said...

So exciting!! Cheers to you on a new adventure! ;). Oh and you should def take pic of the van when it's all packed up and ready to go. Maybe with and without kids? Love the plan!

Jill said...

so when we moved to NM, we did take our mattress...we don't do air mattresses very well because of Justin's size is so much bigger than mine, and I couldn't stand the thought of nursing a baby during the night on the floor for three months. we also borrowed a table and chairs from someone while we were there. we took one box of toys, three boxes of cooking stuff, and clothes. i didn't really miss anything too much. oh and I did take my sewing box. you never know when you need to mend something.

Steph Thomas said...

You go girl:)
Living with boxes all over our apartment just about made me go crazy but then again we had lots of sad things happen during that time so I guess I can't really relate. I am sure you guys will have fun because you always have fun.